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Mersey 24 hour Road Ride

Welcome to the Mersey 24 Home Page

This cycling road ride was first run by the Anfield Bicycling Club and taken over by the Mersey Roads Club in 1937.   

The idea of inviting subscriptions, initially, was to offset the cost of the promotion but even in the year 2003 this is still run on a subscription basis.
With the exception of 1940 -1946 this ride has been promoted annually, and in 2003 it will be the 60th event.

The modern event has an organising secretary, supported by a sub-committee who take on various responsibilities to assist with the smooth running of the event.

To date there have been only five organising secretaries, namely:

Guy Pullan
1937 - 1939
Peter Barlow
1947 - 1951
Bob Coward
1952 - 1961
Dave Stapleton
1962 - 1987
Jim Turner
1988 - 2000